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Tania & Russell – wedding reportage in Monaco

I was recommended to Tania and Russell by Revelation Studios with whom I sometimes collaborate. They flew from Singapore with a small group including a few family members and friends as their next bigger wedding party is going to be in Australia. Tania had the most beautiful wedding dress I have ever seen, so long that sometimes I was struggling to include it in a frame! Russel was dressed in an original Scottish kilt which was a source of attraction among tourists as well as Tania’s dress. We’ve been shooting in several places such as: Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo with outstanding interiors, Eglise Saint Charles, Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, the Rock of Monaco and in front of the Casino for the dusk shot.

“Dear Marta,
We thank you very much for these first pictures. They are gorgeous, very, very beautiful…
Thanks once more for all your work, we are all happy about how beautiful these firsts pictures look like.
Thanks to your friend as well and for taking care of my dress to ensure it was looking good in all pictures.
Thanks for your nice words in your blog and it is ok to publish them there, I am sure people appreciate your work.
I will try to put some pictures in a local magazine and I will definetly will talk about your great art work.
I think you have a great future ahead.”

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