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Engagement photo shoot

I had a pleasure to begin the season with an engagement reportage of a lovely couple Melanie and Matt.

Matt contacted me a few weeks ago from Florida, saying that he’s planning on coming to the south of France, in order to propose to his girlfriend. At first he had some ideas for a place, but he was open to my suggestions, as a local. I reccomended him the villa Ephrussi de Rohtschild, that’s offering the romantic gardens and since the season is not there yet, a bit of privacy as well.

Everything was supposed to be kept as a surprize until the last moment, and luckily all went according to the plan. The weather was just great, sunny and warm like in early spring. It’s impossible to miss Matt, he’s tall like a tree! I followed them like a professional spy (which always makes me a bit embarassed), waiting for any gesture announcing the proposal. Matt chose to go down on one knee (thanks man, you made my life easier) and squeeze a few tearsout of Mel. After a few moments of joy, we could start our portrait session that I’ll let you judge.

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