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Bibi and Oz – a Persian wedding in a French castle

I really love how this season turned out, it has brought me so many wonderful clients from all over the world!
This time I’ve photographed a Persian wedding of Bibi and Oz, both living in California.
They have chosen a lovely French castle – Chateau de Robernier, located in Montfort sur Argens, surrounded by typically provençal grape fields.
That was such a nice change for me, I’m usually photographing at the seaside venues (nothing to complain about!), and I always enjoy changing the scenery, especially for such a romantic one.
Here are some interesting facts about this unique wedding reception. The interior of the castle is truly magnificent and makes a perfect background for a couple photoshoot. The couple and their family have decided to plan their wedding by themselves and to hire Scandinavian Catering, yummy! I know I’ve posted a lot of photos, couldn’t stop myself from sharing them with you!

Congratulations to the bride and groom on their happy union!

The Persian Aghd, which is the legal ceremony of the Iranian wedding, is a beautiful and joyful event celebrated with lots of music, laughter, food and love.

Just think of this delicious provençal wine..

Typical persian decorated spread, Sofreh-ye Aghd, isn’t it pretty?

Mont Blanc or Jimmy Choo?

It’s Cartier who wins!

I love photographing the details with my 50mm 1.8.

The groom getting ready and the guests arriving to the property.

I like this picture of Bibi’s mother – Zoreh, helping her with the veil.

Two V.I.P waiting for their princess.

According to Persian tradition, two pieces of sugar are rubbed together over the head of the bride and groom
so that their marriage will be filled with sweetness.

Shooting into the sun gives a soft light and usually flatters the couple.


I try to photograph at dusk time at each wedding, that’s my favourite time to catch the ambience of the venue.

Late dusk, you can see all the stars, magical!

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  1. Please tell me who did your sofreh aghd. I’m getting married in the south of France and I need someone to help me with sofreh aghd. If you know someone who does it for a business please let me know. Thank you!!

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