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Children and teenagers studio portraits

From now on I’ll be posting some more photos of children and teenagers that I regularly photograph in the studio. It’s such a pleasant work that I don’t see the time passing by!  I’ve equipped myself with a couple of books about children and studio photography to become a “specialist” in this domain. Each week is a new challenge and discovery for me as every child is different and what works for 5 yo doesn’t necessarily work for 9 yo! […]

Children studio photography

I’ve started a new collaboration with an agency specialized in children studio photography. During the time of carnival in Nice, a professional make-up artist was hired for this occasion. She was able to draw anything that a child can imagine. I have never photographed so many kids at once and I must say I really enjoyed it! They are so innocent and sweet, working with them is fun and it’s all about gaining their trust and making friends with them. […]