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Esther & James – maternity photo shoot

Recently, I had the pleasure to photograph beautiful Esther and her handsome husband James (I should also mention their cat – Anton, he’s quite photogenic too). They’re expecting a baby girl and have asked me for a maternity photo shoot. It is such an honor to be a part of my clients’ lives as they become a family. As they happen to live in a nice villa with a garden we used their property to take the pictures. It was a sunny and warm day, so we’ve continued on the beach of la petite Afrique in Beaulieu sur mer.
Pregnant women can look and feel sexy and gorgeous !

Hi Marta – We just finished going through all the pictures and we’re so happy with them!  Thanks for making me feel and look pretty in them as I’ve just been feeling so big and bloated these days. James’ favorite is the one of me lying on the red couch with petals falling onto my belly  I can’t even begin to decide my favorite as there are so many that I think look perfect. Thanks again, Esther.

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