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Family photo shoot

I have met Renée (ex teacher) and her son Franck at my fitness classes a few years ago, she was without a doubt the most energetic and fit person I’ve ever seen!

A few years later she came to me with an idea that Franck gave her, to become a senior model. It’s a great alternative for retired people to earn a bit of money on the side, so why not! Most of the modeling agencies require professional photos to be done to present yourself.
Renée also asked me to take her some family photos.

The weather outside wasn’t the best, so we’ve decided to stay at her flat. We had a lot of fun, it’s a pleasure to work with people who have a sense of humour and can laugh at life! Here’s a list of agencies for senior models in France for those who are interested:

The response from the client:
“Marta, tes photos sont superbes, c’est un régal pour les yeux. Que des éloges à te faire sur ton travail et ton sens de l’esthétisme.
Un grand merci. Tu es une vrai artiste dans l’âme Marta.”

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