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Marissa & Chloe – mother and child portrait photography

Photographing a mother and her child is one of the most pleasant moments, especially when the child is cute and mom is a pretty lady! A year ago Marissa has asked me for a pregnancy photo shoot as a surprise gift for her husband. I remember when we were carefully hiding this information from him on the day of the shoot. Time goes by so fast and now little Chloé Carmella has come into the world! Apart from having a mother & baby photo shoot simply as a souvenir, these photos will also serve Marissa to be sent to a kids model agency.

If you’d also like your baby to become a child model here are some tips. We’ve tried several outfits, indoors, outdoors and combinations to vary a bit. Below is my favourite shot – pearls are girl’s best friend (pyjama will soon be replaced by a cocktail dress) 🙂 Photo shoot may be a bit tiring for small babies, who don’t necessarily want to stay put in one place, so it’s good if mom can pass behind a photographer and do something funny to keep the attention of her baby and point it to the camera. For more about baby photography ideas click here. Once again it was a very enjoyable day, especially after eating a couple of scones with cranberries – straight from Galesville, Marissa’s hometown, lucky me!

Coucou Marta!
Just wanted to let you know, last night I sent 1 photo to the agency…and the sent me an email AND called me this morning to tell me they would LOVE to represent Chloe as her agency and see Chloe right away to do castings..They said your photo caught their eye instantly, being that they recieve plenty of photos daily of babies…but your photo of the little cutie is what did it! :-)))))

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