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Dermot and Donna – wedding in Cannes


Dermot and Donna are, without a doubt, a perfect match.
I’ve had a Skype call preceeding their wedding and really appreciated their laid back attitude. Hearing their son in the background reminded me that they are currently in a parenting mode.
Later on I told Donna their son is going to steal the show, and he did, both on pictures and in real 🙂

The couple, originally from New York, has booked the villa in Cannes for their big event. It was a fairly small wedding involving only best friends and close family.
Everything was well organised, beautiful flowers provided by Sachi Flowers, harp and piano duet by Duo Eclectica, even the weather was “au rendez vous”.

One can see a bunch of creative people including a very well dressed wedding celebrant – a friend of the couple.
Today’s post is focusing more than usually on the wedding guests. It’s often them who create the atmosphere of the wedding and shed a tear or two that I try to capture, unnoticed.

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