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Laure and Mathieu – maternity photo shoot taken in Nice

The season’s over but that doesn’t mean I’ve got no work! Here are some pictures from a maternity photo shoot taken in Nice.
The weather was lovely, sunny and warm, that’s why Cote d’Azur is perfect for photography, even in winter.
I have found a nice place called Cascade de Gairaut which, I thought would be great for the future mom & dad photo session.

Cascade de Gairaut is located on the Vesubie Canal. Surrounded by an expertly landscaped part, it constitutes a genuine monument to the establishment of the canal in 1883. thanks to its position on a mountain slope, the site offers a great panorama of Nice and the coastline. The dense vegetation and curious rock formations add to the natural beauty of the site. The humming sound of falling water combines with strong scent of blooming plants, stimulating all the senses.

Laure is in 7th month, that’s a perfect time to take pregnancy pictures plus she looked and felt great!
Once little Eduard is born, we’ll take some family photos, so visit my blog soon!

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