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Maternity Photoshoot – Magali and Mickael

I think that this is one of my favourite pregnancy photo shoots for several reasons. First: because I already know “the client”, I have photographed Magali & Micka’s wedding followed by Trash the dress photo shoot, so it’s a mix of friendship and trust. Second: Magali is such a calm and photogenic person, I don’t need to direct her much, you can really see she likes to be photographed. Third:  the location we were photographing at is one of my favourite places […]

Laure and Mathieu – maternity photo shoot taken in Nice

The season’s over but that doesn’t mean I’ve got no work! Here are some pictures from a maternity photo shoot taken in Nice. The weather was lovely, sunny and warm, that’s why Cote d’Azur is perfect for photography, even in winter. I have found a nice place called Cascade de Gairaut which, I thought would be great for the future mom & dad photo session. Cascade de Gairaut is located on the Vesubie Canal. Surrounded by an expertly landscaped part, […]

Marissa – maternity photo shoot

It’s not the first time I have photographed Marissa but each time I truly enjoy it! She’s expecting her second baby so it was supposed to be a maternity photo shoot but we went a little bit further & also took a couple of 20’s fashion-like pictures. Check her previous photographs that I took here! And for all future mothers that still hesitate whether to have a professional maternity photos taken, I’ve got an article for you:-) Why pregnant women […]