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Maternity Photoshoot – Magali and Mickael

I think that this is one of my favourite pregnancy photo shoots for several reasons.

First: because I already know “the client”, I have photographed Magali & Micka’s wedding followed by Trash the dress photo shoot,
so it’s a mix of friendship and trust.

Second: Magali is such a calm and photogenic person, I don’t need to direct her much, you can really see she likes to be photographed.

Third:  the location we were photographing at is one of my favourite places to take a walk, it’s called l’Etang de Fontmerle and I chose it to both have a nice time with the couple and let Magali relax and get some fresh air before the end of her pregnancy.

I also tried to focus more on the future dad that is often “forgotten” during maternity photo shoots.
Now that little Loan is born, you can be sure you’ll see the continuation of this family’s album.

♥ Congratulations!! ♥ 


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